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TRAIL LINE 7,3 mm Dyneema


Dyneema cord for hauling and abseil assist.
It is lightweight and ultra-low stretch to help in hauling and rope recovery from Single rope abseils.
The adhesion between the braided Dyneema core and the polyester sheath prevents the sheath slippage normally found with Dyneema.

Warning : this an accessory cord which must not be used as a security rope. On abseils, it may be used as a pull-down line for an appropriately rigged single rope.

: 30g/m
Strength : 1050kg

• Very static and lightweight.
• No sheath slippage despite the Dyneema core.
• 50 and 60 m lengths available.
• Little water absorption.

USES : Hauling and abseil cord.


A very lightweight split-ring which allows efficient storage of the rope at each belay. An end to ropes which tangle at the belay, or long buckles that catch on the rock or branches.
Weight : 50g


The Dyneema which makes up the core of Trail Line and which makes it very low-stretch is extremely slippy.
That’s why in use sheath slippage may occur. This may be eliminated by cutting the excess sheath off the end of the rope.